Custom Request

Custom item request includes:
- Fun designs you cant find anywhere else
- Reworking bags
- Reworking other garments

Does not include:
- Basic mending or fixing zippers (take these to a local tailor)
- Shoes
- Basic mending of bags
- Wedding dresses (unless they are black)
- Tux or suits 
- Multiple item production (I am not a manufacturer)
- Samples (I am not a sample sewer, but I do have recommendations)
- Items you intend to resell (again, I am not a manufacturer)
- Basic alterations such as hemming or leg slimming

Prices: $50 down payment for your project consultation via Zoom or in person and $75 an hour for custom work.
My prices vary depending on the project but here are some examples that may help you understand my pricing and how much your piece will cost. 

Turning a Burberry Trench jacket into a bomber jacket: Took me 5 hours to complete = about $375 + consultation fee of $50