Bootleg vinyl/faux leather material:
Anything made with bootleg vinyl/faux leather material (denim shorts with a vinyl pocket, Lousit Vuittties bra, keychains, etc) should never be washed in the washing machine or put in a dryer. Hand-wash with a very mild soap or wipe down with a damp cloth, lay flat or hang dry.

Hand-dyed cozy clothing:
Hand-dyed cozy fabric has been pre-washed and will not shrink, but I still recommend that you wash it alone as the color may bleed slightly. Wash on cold, gentile, and low heat tumble dry. 

Solid Color cozy clothing:
Solid color fabric has not been pre-washed and may shrink slightly, to avoid this, wash on cold and lay flat on a clean towel or hang to dry.

Vintage re-worked denim: (This applies to denim that does NOT have bootleg fabric on it - if it does, see above care instructions).
Wash your re-worked denim clothing as you would any other denim. Wash with like colors with cold water (always use cold water unless your are bleaching something, using warm and/or hot water with a normal wash cycle is just a waste of electricity). Tumble dry on medium heat, or hang to dry.

All jewelry is made with second hand materials, they are not meant to be worn in water. You should always take off your jewelry before you shower or go to the gym!! 


If you have further care questions, feel free to contact me: